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About Us
A team of marketing veterans (ex-SAS) and technology enthusiasts, with collective experience of more than 25 years, helping organisations design & implement their marketing strategies by utilising the power of industry leading marketing platforms. We have set out to build an organisation which can provide all necessary tools and services to enable marketing organisations experiment faster and thus create unique customer experience. We have worked with organisations across Europe, Africa & Americas, thus creating a able team which can help cross-polinate best practices across industries. 
One of the key initiatives for us has been to revolutionise implementation services as we know it, with industry leading cloud platforms and unique Nextbit plugins & extensions, we ensure implementation cycles are reduced to half, thus enabling easy adoption and faster experimentations. 

Ex-SAS with over 25 years of combined experience in generating value from data with SAS platforms like SAS MOM, SAS-CI, SAS Viya

Corporate Consultants who have vast experience of designing next generation marketing platforms and implementing processes for companies like Drogerie Markt, Rewe, Ned Bank, ABSA, PENNY and so on.

UI/UX Designers who understands consumer behavior and expectations today. They are the young with lots of experience in building user experience of today's age.

Software Engineers who don't like developing a simple web site, they are always hungry for a challenging solution to develop. Someone asked for AI Bots? Or NLP? Or IOT?

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