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Globally organizations are going to spend upto
$120 Billion
on #Martech in 2021-22

A smarter investment in Marketing infrastructure can uplift your KPI's by upto 30%


                - We can help! 

NextBit Marketing Transformation Service

We implement marketing strategies utilising the power of industry-leading marketing platforms

NextBit Marketing Operations Management

Marketing Resource Management

Organisations with an MRM product are upto 60% faster to market. Manage your marketing better with a 360-degree view of your marketing operations.

SAS CI 360 Customer Joourney.png

SAS CI 360 Implementation


Implement compelling Customer Journeys with SAS CI 360. A single platform to integrate customer experience & targeting across channels with the power of inbuilt ML algorithms

Customer Data Platform.png

Customer Data Platform

Marketing is generating petabytes of data, tracking every behaviour of your customers to generate a better customer experience. CDPs help in creating a unified view of your customer data. 

SAS CI 360 Plugins.png

SAS CI 360 Plugins


A set of pre-built plugins/ packages, automating upto 30-40% of implementation

Transforming implementation services.

Our Customers

Transforming implementation services!

With the power of pre-packaged plugins & extensions, and industry best practices, we are building an implementation model that will revolutionaries the industry. Let us show you how.

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